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Connected – Things about Future, Cities and People

Hvordan kan vi planlegge fremtidens bærekraftige byer? På Bergen Rådhus viser arkitekter fra 4 land inspirerende eksempler på byplanlegging.

Hvordan kan vi planlegge fremtidens bærekraftige byer? Få med deg utstillingen som vises på Bergen Rådhus fra 1. oktober til 28. november. Her viser arkitekter fra Romania, Nederland, Sverige og Norge inspirerende eksempler på byplanlegging.

Tekst fra arrangørene:
Given the opportunity from this exhibition, how are we going to use the cultural richness and diversity of Europe to find some common ground of understanding the mechanism of cities?

We believe that the idea of a self-building city increases connectivity and the social and cultural capital of inhabitants, and its relationship to the region.

Contemporary urban planning demands a holistic vision, a strategy to build sustainable communities.

We don’t know what the strategy is… that’s the point; we need to address it together.

‘Connected’ is the opportunity to find out HOW we can achieve this through four shared examples and discussions from Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and Romania. Therefore the exhibition(s) should be worth a visit.

We share the holistic ideas first through the exhibition and take the content further into our discussions at the Connected Symposium(s) 14th October in Stockholm, 15th October in Bergen, 6th November in Amsterdam and 11th November in Bucharest.