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The idea for Moon was born from late night talks about our vision of what a good restaurant should be.
Is it more about the food? The wine menu? The staff? The atmosphere? As time went by and we had the opportunity to work together our ideas became more precise and the sweet dream of opening our own restaurant became a possibility.
And towards the end of 2020, after what has been an unusual year to say the least, we decided to make that dream a reality!
Fast forward to today and we have opened our doors for the very first time Wednesday 28th April 2021!
And one thing we cannot wait for welcoming you.

Welcome to Moon
Jules & Nicolas

Meet the founders

Moon was founded by a pair of twin brothers from France with a deep love for food and wine.

Jules, the Head chef found his love for cooking from an early age and pursued his culinary dreams by attending cooking school age 14 before moving overseas age 17 to work with well established chefs, restaurants and hotels.
He moved to Norway in 2018 and instantly fell in love with the country and its culinary offerings.

Nicolas, our restaurant manager and sommelier completed a bachelor from Hotelschool The Hague in the Netherlands.
After graduating in 2018 he went on to work for famous French Chef Alain Ducasse in one of his Parisian Brasseries before moving to Norway in 2019.
He also has a sommelier diploma from WSET level 3 which makes him the right person to talk to for wine lovers.

Together we have experience from working in over 6 countries and for some of the world’s best Hotels and Restaurants.
We are now opening Moon to bring to life our vision of what a quality French restaurant in Norway should be like and offer the best possible experience to all of our guests.